HVPD manufactures instruments specializing in PD testing for different electrical equipment, such as Transformer, Terminator, Splicing kit, Elbow connector, Power cable, and so forth. These instruments can detect PD before extreme deterioration occurs, which could lead to higher repair costs. PD testing could be done while equipment is online or offline. In addition, instruments manufactured by HVPD have a wide range of PD measurements. Measures range from basic PD detection, localization of PD, and PD monitoring systems.

The PDSurveyor Handheld PD Surveying Tool

HVPD Longshot Diagnostic PD Spot Tester

On-line Cable PD Mapping- site location on high voltage cables

HVPD-Mini Portable 4-Channel PD Monitor

HVPD Multi Portable PD Monitor

HVPD Multi Permanent PD Monitor